unorthodox by k.v. rose

She thinks I’m a monster. I wonder if she knows, though, that that’s exactly what I’ve always wanted to be.


Max Bennett is worse than the devil.
At least you know Satan is going to eat you alive.
With Max, he’ll make you beg for it first.
Make you think he’s doing you a favor as he rips your heart right out of your chest.

Addison London is payment for a job gone wrong.
Her life was never her own.
Born into crime and raised by monsters, she thinks she knows what she’s getting into with Max.

But Max is a master at mind games.
A crime boss without conscience, he enjoys playing with his prey.

And Addison never could pass up a deal with the devil.

Their ensuing relationship is unorthodox at best, downright dangerous at worst.

Max doesn’t bend.
Addison refuses to break.

And in a world like theirs, they were already doomed from the start.

Max Bennett acts as if the world should be grateful he exists in it, and the world, in turn, bows at his feet. I’m fucking sick of bowing at the feet of men.


I was warned many times to not let this be my first book by K.V. Rose. Guess who didn’t listen? I am a glutton for punishment and boy did I get it. This book is everything I was promised and MORE. It was dark, dirty, disturbing, sexy, sinful… I could go on. But basically I LOVED IT! Dark romance is where I live and this gave me the depths of hell I was seeking.

Daddy Max… I have no words. Or maybe too many. He was the villain I was promised but was not prepared for. He is unapologetically evil and I did not care. His desire and obsession for Addison is second to none…well almost none. Max’s constant concern for his long lost brother Ollie heavily endeared me to him, but don’t let that fool you. He. Is. Ruthless.

Addy is a badass. Her whole life she has been used and abused, and yearns for the care, or at the very least the attention, that Max affords her. Her strength and perseverance had me on her side from the very beginning. I am a sucker for kickass female characters and she didn’t disappoint me.

Basically I am dying a slow death that I do not have more Daddy Max or Addy right now and I WILL be stalking K.V. Rose until I see them again!

Beware that this is edgy, DARK, disturbing (there are triggers for those that have them), STEAMY, and haunting. Basically if you are not morally corrupt like I am then stay away (OR come to the dark side).

Grab this baby from Amazon today!

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