catch me when i fall by a.l. jackson

Come to me

I’ve been waiting for a break

Looking for something to save me from myself


Sometimes trying to catch a star will light your whole world on fire…

Emilyโ€™s entire existence was wrapped up in touring with her country-rock band Carolina George.
What she never expected was to spend a passionate night with a gorgeous, tattooed stranger.

Their chemistry was combustible.
Their attraction irresistible.
It was never supposed to follow her into the light of day.

Royceโ€™s night with the lead singer of Carolina George was the worst mistake of his life.
He needs the band to sign on to his record label or his family will pay the price.
He knows falling for her will threaten his carefully laid plans.
Royceโ€™s past is littered with mistakes and heartache–will he overcome or will his love for Emily just be one more tragedy…

I already hit rock bottom

Waiting to catch you now

It’s you, little mind-wrecker

Trippin’ me up long before you could know


As my first A.L. Jackson book I was blown away! I wasn’t sure what I expected. Maybe a sweet and soft romance? Nope, not this one! Catch Me When I Fall was an epic story that had me emotionally invested from the first page. I was shocked by the darker undertones that came out to play and was head over heels for Royce from the second that Emily spots him in a rundown bar. Sexy, dark, brooding, and always watching. He has her in his sights and he isn’t leaving any time soon.

Emily is the quintessential good girl with killer pipes and a band of men that love her like a sister. But for months she hasn’t been herself. Plagued by dark events and a fear to take their bands fame to the next level, Royce comes into her life to convince the band to sign with the label. Little did she know she would be signing over her heart tooโ€ฆ

I am so excited for this series and I am dying to read book one (oops I skipped the order – oh well). I experienced so many emotions and was left floating on cloud nine.

I never knew what it meant

I thought my heart was breaking

Turns out it was only making room for you

So catch me

Catch me when I fall

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