who is sarah randall? by gail haris

I knew who I was this morning but I’ve changed a few times since then

Alice IN Wonderland


Everything she knew was a lie…

Her mother. Her abductor.

After her beloved mother passes away, Olivia discovers a box filled with secrets that shatters everything she thought she knew.

The woman who raised her, with love and kindness, was never who she claimed to be. The truth thrusts Olivia into a new town with strangers who claim to be her rightful family.

Torn from all she’s ever known, Olivia hunts to find who she truly is in the midst of this topsy-turvy mystery. While forbidden to contact her abductor’s relatives, there is one caring and compassionate boy that may be able to help her uncover her hidden truth.

There’s one problemhe’s her abductor’s nephew.

It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.

Alice In Wonderland


Before I picked up Who is Sarah Randal? I was unsure what to think but I am beyond glad that I accepted this ARC because I was blown away by the intense emotions I was feeling. I found myself thrown between confusion, anger, frustration, sadness, happiness, and satisfaction. Reading this story was like taking a dive into a wave –– I was tossed around, beat up, spit out, and ready for more!

Sarah/Olivia is such a brave and respectful young woman. I could not have handled half of what she went through with nearly as much grace or forgiveness for all the wrongs she endured. She learns she was a kidnap victim and that her best friend –– her mother –– is not the person she thought she was. She must assume the life of Sarah; the life she was always meant to have with the siblings she was always meant to bond with. Only bonding with her siblings isn’t the problem. Sarah finds herself struggling between her love for a dead fake mother and the love she wants to have for the woman who gave birth to her. Add in the confusion for feelings that develop for Noah, a boy she used to think was her cousin and Sarah is overwhelmed. She must overcome her feelings of guilt for loving her kidnapper, her romantic feelings for her non-cousin, and her strained relationship with her mother.

This book is so much more than a high school romance. It is perfect blend of mysterious, thrilling, and romance, and above all, it is a self discovery of a young girl who must figure out who she is among the chaos that is her life. There is nothing quite like this.

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