treachery (antihero inferno #1) by lily white

Just remember not to start games you can’t finish. I’m the type of guy who will keep playing them until you beg me to stop.


Ninth Circle.
Also known as Tanner Caine.

He is a temptation with cold, dark eyes.
A man with a seductive smirk and a body built for pure sin.
The linchpin of a group of wealthy bad boys known as the Inferno.

A dark presence that repels as much as he attracts, Tanner is the poisoned apple I want to bite even when I know it will destroy me.

Our story started in college, but I ran from him so far I believed I was safe.
I should have known he’d find me eventually.
I should have known that nobody escapes.

He has me in his sights again with an offer I can’t pass up.
I know better than to make a deal with the Devil.
Not unless I’m willing to pay his sensual price…

He’s the poisoned apple I want to bite, even while knowing it will destroy me.


Coming off the heels of reading The Danger You Know and Treachery Prequel, I was all too pumped to continue immersing myself in a Lily White binge. The set up for Treachery comes in the prequel that begins as a clear enemies to lovers suspenseful romance. White teases you with just enough information to make you so eager to find out more about these Inferno boys while flipping through the pages as quickly as you can.

My love/hate for Tanner was so real in this book. He is the antihero definition to a “T”. He is cocky, selfish, demanding, and powerful –– the ultimate alpha. A circle of nine men dubbed the Inferno have all the power over anyone who dares to ask them for a favor. Luca is the only target they have set their eyes on who has dared to run and never look back. Her life seemingly unfolds in the most unfortunate of ways and continues to cross paths with the most treacherous of them all, the man she loves to hate and can’t get enough of.

Lies, deceit, betrayal, and the hottest love/hate tension I have read to date kept me amped with anticipation. This book has sparked so much excitement for the rest of the series and has generated so many unanswered questions that I am counting the days until Gabriel’s story is in my hands.

***Each novel in the series depicts a unique romance, but the plots through each book connect in one world. For the best experience, read the series in order.

Nine Standalone novels. Nine dangerous men. Nine unrepentant sinners you’ll hate to love.

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