stay with me series by nicole fiorina

If a love hasn’t grown wings from the depths of your soul, ripped open your chest, and perched on the rim to lick your bleeding heart, it wasn’t a love after all.


stay with me

In a desperate final attempt to save nineteen-year-old Mia from herself, she gets transferred to Dolor University, a reformatory college in the UK that housed deranged and dangerous young adults who viewed the private institution as their own personal playground. Mia didn’t care. She needed feelings to care. She’d keep her head down, ignore everyone, and make it through the next two years effortlessly.

Though Mia never anticipated Ollie Masters.

With green eyes, tattoos, and the voice of a poet, she is quickly drawn to him. But because of her sociopath tendencies, she knows it could only end in one of two ways. Either he will be the one to free her from her past, or she will be the one to destroy him.

If reality becomes unbearable, close your eyes. We were made with an imagination.

even when i’m gone

Forget everything you thought you knew. Hell, I don’t even know myself anymore. For seven months I’ve been gone only to come back to be tested in every way possible. They say keep your enemies close, and my demons welcomed me back with open arms. My downfall is a necessary evil. But Mia is my endgame.

Seven months ago, Ollie surrendered to the darkness, abandoning me in the process. He stripped me of my walls only to leave me defenseless. Now he’s back, along with fresh new faces and obstacles standing in our way. He says trust no one. Not even him. How am I supposed to be strong for us both when I’m losing my grip?

“Just stay with me, Mia.”
“Even when you’re gone?”
“Especially when I’m gone.”

But luck is for fools who live inside limits. And you’re a dreamer, and dreamers are worthy of anything but the ordinary. Wish for magic. Love should be nothing less than magical.

now open your eyes

I’d spent my last two years devising and perfecting this plan.
A plan Mia was never apart of, but she was a storm.
And you can’t expect anything from a storm.
Perhaps the reason I allowed her to distract my monster to begin with.
I just never thought she would become an addiction until it was too late.
But there was still one thing left to do, and time was ticking.

It was so close, I could almost taste it, but the only thing I could taste now was the end.
Over the last two years, I’d let all outside forces dictate my life, my feelings, my head.
I’d allowed everyone to control what my punishment should be for all my wrong-doings.
I’d been tested and learned my lesson.
I’d paid my dues and suffered long enough.
Because in the end,
even the once-upon-a-damned deserved to be happy too.

How far are you willing to go?
I’d asked myself this very question countless times.
But never in my wildest dreams thought I’d go back in time,
chasing ghosts from my past for a chance to save our future.
So, there was no limit.
No boundaries.
I’d cross time, the world, my morals.
Yes, I’d even double-cross myself.
So, how far would I go?
The answer had always been simple.
I’d go an eternity plus a day past crestfallen.


I would like to preface that I am the kind of reader who gets really emotionally invested in the story and the characters (if the book is done right). That said, I am an emotional wreck after reading this book.

My love for Ollie is fierce and my need for Mia to overcome her demons is ridiculous. I fell hard and heavily in love with this book and these characters. Nicole Fiorina writes with such beautiful devastation that I was reduced to a puddle of tears by the last page of each book. We are talking full on ugly crying waterworks here. Not graceful small tears from a Nicholas Sparks novel.

It is so difficult to describe what this book is to someone. So, let me tell you what this is not. This is not some sweetheart romance. This is not light in content. This is not a quick and easy or fun read. This book is raw, it is edgy, it is EMOTIONAL, sometimes dark, occasionally disturbing. It is RELATABLE. It is beautiful. It is the perfect blend of a storm.

Mia…This badass girl has fought through hell and back to become the person she is by the time we see her in Now Open Your Eyes. Through emotional detachment to a surge of always feeling, thanks to a beautiful poet, Mia has had so much inner growth throughout that series. And, in a way, I felt that growth alongside her.

Ollie…My heart BLED for him. The boy who feels to much. Who loves deeply. The poet. The romantic. I personally felt so connected to each line of poetry, to each struggle to keep his emotions in check, and his single-minded desire to be around his love, his evermore.

I have signed sealed and delivered my official claim on Ollie (sorry not sorry). His poetry moved me to a level I haven’t experienced in a while and the level of complex scenarios and emotional turmoil within this book had me floundering to reign in my own sympathetic responses.

Not enough words can be expressed to show my appreciation for such a beautiful story, but I am highly recommending you pick this up. It will change you.

My light illuminated in his presence because his soul was the one mine had been promised to.

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