shatter by charisse moritz

Yes, those angry pinkish lines are a permanent part of him, the first thing everyone notices and uses as his descriptor, but I see the boy underneath. He is beautiful, and I’ve never wanted anything so much in my life.


First day of senior year and Tia West just ran over a hot guy in the high school parking lot. In her defense, she’s a little preoccupied as the caretaker of five younger siblings, one dog, one cat, facing a mountain of bills and determined to keep her family together. The eternal optimist, she just needs to try harder, be better, take a deep breath and definitely shouldn’t bring home another stray dog or an angry, scary and scarred boy who is obviously in desperate need of a hug.

After a stint in juvie, Taz is back for senior year, and every minute is a struggle. His only defense is silence. Keeping quiet avoids the slaps, hits, threats and is as close to safe as he can manage. Until Tia West convinces him of possibilities he never knew existed. She fills every dark, empty space with a lightness he’s never experienced before, and the only way to keep her is by speaking up for himself. But his secrets are the kind that devastate and destroy.

You won’t go lonely…

Dermot Kennedy


Taz has been stomped on by everyone in his life. He trusts only his bandmates, the Choosy Beggars. Taz has a troubled past and when he finally returns to his hometown HS in his senior year, he struggles to get through his days in pained silence and constant edginess. His inability to connect with others has him holding others at arms length. Most don’t dare to venture into his orbit, but that doesn’t stop Tia West.

Tia can’t help herself. She loves adopting strays. She can’t to see anything suffer and be in need, so the moment she sees Taz, she knows he’s hers. She is determined to drag out all of his secrets in any way possible. Coming from a family of six siblings, she is surrounded in constant chaos, but what’s adding one more to the mix?

Taz and Tia can’t help the tension that draws them to one another. Despite all his attempts to keep her at bay, the bubbly, beautiful and caring girl of his dreams finds her way into his heart. His greatest fear is that when his world shatters, he will break her too.

I cannot say enough great things about Charisse Moritz or her writing. She has captured my heart and I will literally read anything she writes. Teenage angst, mixed with emotional themes, witty banter, and characters that find one another in their darkest hours are her specialty.

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