see no evil by ivy fox

Some of us were born molded in lies, betrayals and hate.


They thought they could get away with it, but they are sorely mistaken.
They have been judged. They have been sentenced. All that remains is their execution.
No one goes unpunished. We’ll make sure of it.
We are The Society and all who dare cross us will find their miserable end by our hand.
Don’t be fooled. This is not their story.
It’s ours.

As long as I can remember, I’ve played by the rules.
On and off the football field, I’ve done everything that has been expected of me.
Until that fatal night.
Now my life and the lives of my best friends hang in the balance, hung there by a sadistic
sinister shadow forcing us to do their will.
And it’s just my damn luck that I’m the first to be put on their butcher’s block.
I must prove my worth by eradicating a certain pebble in their shoe.
The order is simple.
To save ourselves, I must ruin another—a life for a life.
Meaning Stone Bennett’s life is about to be forfeited in exchange for my own.
The poor girl never stood a chance.

Tattoos, thick thighs, and pretty eyes. I never stood a chance.

He’s all American perfection.
I’m the poster child for this country’s rejects.
He’s old Asheville money and privilege.
I’m the Southie eyesore people stay clear from.
He’s caviar dreams and champagne wishes.
I’m the trailer trash his momma probably warned him about.
I doubt it can get any further away from the elitist’s social spectrum than the two of us.
So why the hell is Finn Walker, Richfield’s football god, suddenly all in my face wanting my
Nothing good can come from this.
I can feel it.

To love someone so deeply that their mere presence is your oxygen terrifies me to my very core.


Ivy Fox captured and held me in a trance from cover to cover with this compelling, intimate, mysterious, sexy and sinful read. See No Evil follows Finn and Stone, college students from opposite sides of town and with little in common.

To the world, Finn is your typical quarterback from a white collar family with aspirations for the NFL. Little do they know, he was involved in tragic deaths alongside his three best friends. Their attempts to keep this secret hidden are in vain when they are contacted by The Society; an unknown organization that sees and knows all blackmails Finn and his friends to do their bidding. Finn’s task? To insert himself in the life of a southside nobody and lie in wait.

Everyone sees Stone as Southie trash who will amount to nothing. Her tattooed and pierced exterior leave others to believe she is callous and an easy lay. We are always told that looks are deceiving and that is no exception within See No Evil.

I truly appreciated the layers that Ivy Fox gave to Finn, allowing him to be a smart, strong and sexy man while also giving his character emotional depth, torment, and longing. Stone’s anti-stereotypical way of fighting her emotions and learning to keep herself closed off was an interesting take on the female lead and I ate it all up. These characters were given so much thought that I was truly enthralled and tormented by the lengths these characters had to go until the very end.

Two unlikely souls cross paths in this captivating story, thrown together by The Society’s agenda, held together by their undeniable connection to one another. I cannot wait to read the next installment and continue on this mysterious journey to find out who the hell The Society is and what they truly want.

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*Each book can be read as standalones. However all four books in this series have an entwined subplot, that will only be resolved in the final book.

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