#MNGirl by a.m. brooks

She’s mine. My enemy wrapped in a small package of fuck you attitude and purple hair.


My family’s scandal is my fall from grace. The night of my seventeenth birthday leads to the final event that catapults my future in a different direction. One call for help turns into my only chance of survival.
Now, the only way to stay safe is to keep hidden.

Hidden in a small town in the middle of “No-where”, Minnesota, away from my friends, my prestigious school, and my family, I have to mesh with the other hidden children in order to survive.

Though, it’s not just the Bogeyman that keeps me up at night…
Ciaran Jakobe, with his frosty blue eyes and instant dislike for me sets my nerves on end. There is no escaping his sharp words and constant torment. Every push from him sparks a fire of fight inside me. Every smirk from his full, pink lips makes me want to punch him in the face. He’s my nemesis and my dark hero.

I may be paying for my parent’s mistakes but I won’t let a Midwest Boy get the best of me.

It’s unfair in an almost beautifully tragic way. Enemies to lovers usually is.


#MNGirl was unlike anything I believed that it would be. I didn’t spend much time reviewing the book blurb, but I was drawn in by the unique cover and title. I anticipated a sweet high school romance but was delivered such a suspenseful and emotional read. This book set a high bar by bringing such intense action and kept up the breakneck speed nearly from beginning to end.

Saylor’s family is new money in a high class world; one she has not settled into well. When news breaks of her father’s embezzlement she becomes the school pariah. On her 17th birthday everything changes. Forced into hiding, changing her appearance, her name, and separating from her family, Saylor is thrust into life in the Midwest. Her job is to keep her head down, be no one –– be invisible. But that’s hard to do in a small town with purple hair. Especially when you catch the eye of someone like Ciaran. But he doesn’t readily accept her into his town. Not with his friends and not in his home.

The amount of emotional heartbreak that Saylor is forced to endure in this book brought me nearly to tears. Isolated in a foreign place and with no one she knows, Saylor is forced to grow up and become a strong and fierce woman. The beauty and pain behind her transformation is both inspiring and gut-wrenching. The undeniable connection between Say and Ci had me yearning for a cease fire while the ending left me with no closure and a desperate need for book two!

From beginning to end A.M. Brooks delivers a fast paced, addicting read that is suspenseful, steamy, and emotional. Pick this book up. Now!

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