awful curse by elena monroe

Confusion loves company, and denial loves desolation.


He was King of Arcadia Prep until she came for his throne…

We moved around a lot, too much.
The shine of my highly respected and decorated military dad’s badge wore off after I became heavy baggage.
I was the new girl thirteen times in two years and every time I had to tape up another box I grew more resentful. Forced to forget everyone I fell in love with, laughed with and bonded with.
For a certain price you could unburden yourself from your hormonal teen at Arcadia Prep too.
I’m reckless.
I’m impatient.
Purple hair, a don’t care attitude and my Doc Martins all screamed leave me alone, fending off any new relationships.
I vowed to keep my heart safe this time, locking it away right under my anger but he knew exactly where I hid the spare key – in his mysterious eyes the minute ours locked.

I was stuck – the essence of a God in some kind of limbo of high school.
I was meant for more than this.
Being king here meant nothing.
Arcadia Prep wasn’t for the weak. The expectations, the pressure, the standards, the success and privilege smug on everyone’s face wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
I thrived in chaos.
I’m fearless.
I’m ruthless.
The new girl was not my cup of tea.
She stomped her doc martins all over my tradition, rules and my reign.
We all have secrets. Mine were paper weighted down by my heavy crown.
Her violet eyes and her abrupt attitude spewed sass all over my black on black. She didn’t faze me until I realized she was after my crown…

I knew with or without my consent she officially just crowned herself my queen.


I am in awe of Elena Monroe and how she didn’t just dip her toe in the water but jumped right in with this paranormal romance. This book gave me a Fallen vibe that I was living for! Awful Curse stole my heart with each badass character and untold secret. To be honest, I don’t think I even read the synopsis before deciding I wanted to read this book. I don’t generally pick up PR’s and I am so glad I picked up this one and embarked on a journey of mythological gods and astrological signs.

Arianna is a misfit, the new girl, the rebel. She has moved more times than she can count and has the new girl routine down pat. Trouble has a way of finding her and she is always too happy to oblige. Until Arcadia Prep that is. Suddenly, Arianna is thrust into the lives of The Circle, the elite students of Arcadia Prep with more secrets than the Pentagon. As she penetrates their circle, she begins to learn things about herself that she never knew. But she has her eye and her heart set on one member of the group ––Bolton. I cannot express enough love for this character (girl power!) I am obsessed with her “don’t give a shit” attitude and her strength.

Bolton is the eternal stud, cursed to live as an 18 year old. The Circle desperately searches for their missing Sagittarius so they can return to Olympus, but they are never quite prepared for how the ritual will go. Determined to help Arianna remember her past, he begins to fall in love all over again. Bolton is all Alpha male, venom and power. It’s impossible not to swoon even when he is being a grade A asshole. This king reigns over all of Arcadia Prep and the members of The Circle. But only one will ever make him bow…his queen.

The way Elena Monroe writes had me devouring her pages. This story was written so effortlessly while killing me slowly. This slow burn delivered more than romance but a mystery behind the unanswered questions as to why gods and goddesses are condemned to repeat their lives as 18 year olds for all of eternity. I’m not done with Ari and Bolton and I need more answers! This book gave me a world I didn’t know I needed.

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